About the author

Pam Steager is a communicator, project manager, workshop facilitator, educator, and lifelong learner. Passionate about clear and effective communication, films, media literacy, nature, the ocean, gardening, children, hot baths, and chocolate. With an undergraduate degree in Human Development, Counseling and Family Studies and graduate work in Media Literacy, Communications, Gender and Peace Studies, and Restorative Practices, she sees media literacy as a tool for creating more aware and active consumers and citizens, and independent media production and distribution as a means to connect and inform world citizens.  Some media project involvement includes:

  • Created & wrote the Providence Phoenix column That’s What She Said 
  • Co-hosted community access program Able, Too
  • Associate produced community access TV talk show Club Genius
  • Co-founded community TV production group Rule of Thirds
  • Co-produced community TV media arts showcase Eye of Providence
  • Media literacy presentations for Texas Language Arts teachers, RI K-12 school staff, students and parents, teen girls in Mexico City, and media industry and education professionals in Bangkok
  • Media violence presentations for Maryland students
  • Directed the federally-funded media literacy project Media SmART! in the Providence Public Schools
  • Discussion facilitator for documentary film Traces of the Trade
  • Content consultant for documentary film The Women’s Center: 25 Years
  • Blogger for the Womens Fund of Rhode Island RightHer blog
  • Co-authored research collaboration guide for VA and DoD human subject researchers
  • Co-authored The Library Screen Scene – a book on effective use of digital media & resources in libraries