COM416 Leap #2 – Is Advertising Propaganda?

Paper & Piktochart

Here it comes. Ready or not! My colleague Jessica Michon and I had to stop when we got to page 13, but in some ways it felt like we were just getting started and getting to the heart of our exploration into the relationship between advertising and propaganda. I loved our two examples of insurance advertising from different eras and different cultures and diving into all four aspects uncovered more than we could write about in one 10-12 page paper. Fascinating topic. So here it is for your reading pleasure: Advertising as Propaganda: A Compare and Contrast Analysis of Insurance Advertisements From Different Cultures and Time Periods . 

And here is our infographic, created on Piktochart, with a more visual representation of the theme: h

Another LEAP into the unknown!

Look Ma, no hands!

Well, since I discovered the limitations of Adobe Spark for doing everything I wanted to do in my last video production effort in LEAP#1, my partner LEAPer Lauren and I decided to go with WeVideo this time. It was a platform new to both of us, but we were impressed with the two audio and two video tracks and some other bells and whistles. Lauren signed up for a trial Educator account, and we were off! Or at least I was off – to Florida for my first Spring Break adventure ever. But before I left, Lauren and I talked, texted, emailed and met once in person so we’d have a good idea of where we both wanted to head – which was in a different direction from our original idea – and what we both needed to do before we met again.

When I checked back in as soon as I returned to RI, Lauren had already been plugging away uploading the images we’d both been finding, and finding her way around WeVideo. We met again to lay down our voice audio track, which we had collaboratively created on a storyboard along with some ideas for visuals to use with each audio clip. Lauren had already chosen a music track, and started popping our visuals into one of the video tracks knowing we could edit or remove or move them later. We then parted to continue working on the video taking shape, while staying in close contact by any means necessary.

That was Wednesday. We saw it really coming together on Thursday, so on Friday morning, I started adding some extra snazzy elements, some of which I had to remove later so we wouldn’t be charged for an upgrade. Live and learn. Main takeaways: 1. It was great working with Lauren who is a real pro, has solid educator cred, which was really needed for this video targeting educators, and brings her best to a project. 2. You need to read the instructions and offers on apps and platforms as carefully as you need to read exam questions, to make sure you’re going where you need to go. 3. I think I’m starting to get most of how WeVideo works, and am even more impressed with what four tracks offers in flexibility and look. 4. Deadline extensions are a godsend. 5. Spring break is a nice concept, but is there always a payback when you get home?

Anyway, here it is – Eight Easy Tools & Eight Excellent Reasons to Enhance Instruction with Digital & Media Literacy. Don’t worry, the video is shorter than the title suggests.